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NVR freezes and reboots after connecting a PTZ camera.

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I have a cctv system with a Dahua NVR5208-P and 5 dahua 3mp ip camera's about a month ago I added a Dahua PTZ SD22404T GN camera to the system.

I had some problems trying to get the PTZ to connect to the NVR, after looking around I found out that I had to change the IP adres of the PTZ camera.

After I did that it came up and worked great, until last week.

I noticed that my system kept on rebooting, It would reboot all the fixed v=camera's came up a couple of seconds later the PTZ and then the system freezes, and after 1 or 2 minutes the NVr reboots.


I disconnected the UTPS cable from my NVR and everything works great again, no more freeze ups and no more reboots, the moment I plug in the UTPS cable with the PTZ camera it freezes and reboots again.

It is strange that everything worked good for a month and then this problem started.

I did a reset and formatted the HDD again but the problem stays.


What could be wrong here ???

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Hi. You are going to have compatibility problems with the mix of equipment you are using. 
set all your cameras to 1080p as your nvr can’t run with the mix of 3mp and 4mp cameras 

also your new ptz has to be set to h264 ..... for your recorder as it will not run smooth on h265 which is what your ptz camera is factory set to from new


also are you running the ptz as Poe or separate power supply. 
a 7 year old nvr has limits and your pushing it too hard 

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Hi Tom,


The camera was on 1080p and h264. Indeed I use the Poe from the nvr, could that be the problem ?


Also if I buy a Dahua DH-PFT1200 poe injector , can I just hook it up between the poe nvr and camera ?

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OK, update.


I added a Poe injector PFT1200 but still it freezes the Nvr after the image comes thru.


I'm at a loss...


Any ideas ?

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