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CCTV Camera No Signal

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Hi all,

Have a home CCTV system, a DVR box which has 4 outside cameras linked directly to it via a power unit. 

One of the cameras has just suddenly lost signal. I disconnected any power sockets (i.e. TV, lights) in the room apart from the CCTV DVR and a monitor. I rebooted the DVR and the camera came back on for about 10 seconds then went off again.

I can't see anything in any log files on the DVR or anything that says why the camera has gone off. I have checked the cable connection of the CCTV camera to the back of the DVR and seems fine. 

I'm at a bit of a loss now. I did wonder if it is simply not getting enough power, but I have had these running for 7 years no probs. Although I know things can happen anytime. Does the camera have anything I can check on it itself ? The type of cameras I have are night vision infrared camera shaped like a dome.

A photo of one of the cameras is attached. How would I be able to check this camera ? Does the camera come apart from the base ?

Thanks all for any feedback.

cctv camera.jpg

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