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Black Screw View

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I currently have a Dahua 16ch NVR. For the past year, it has been connected to a Roku 4K TV via HDMI cable with no issues. Today I turned on the TV which starts up showing the cameras. All I could see were the 16 camera dividers as all camera feeds were black. No updates/changes to either the TV or the NVR.

1) I logged into the NVR using the Roku TV with no issues.  Verified cameras showed connected in the NVR

2) Logged into a couple of the cameras on a PC's web browser to verify I could see the video feed.

3) Logged into the web app also, verifying the camera feeds were working fine and I was able to view different cameras.

Anyone have any suggestions? I would have thought if there was an issue with the TV or even the HDMI cable, I wouldn't even be able to see the camera screen dividers or log into the NVR interface with the TV.

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