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I have recently upgraded(I hope) from an AHD system to a 25 channel(12 ip) Onyx NVR with an 8TB hard drive. I have purchased 11 new IP 4K 8mp cameras of around £100 and £135 each from the same company.
The cameras are now fitted externally and connected with cat6a external cables into the ports at the back of the NVR.The NVR is wired directly into my hub.

After my wife has spent hours on the phone with the company who we purchased it from, the system was meant to record 24hours a day and show through a monitor. Have defog mode set to on with Motion sensor alarm alerts, which are meant to be sent to email address and also we are meant to be able to view through Bitvision on our mobiles or ipad.

Please see issues I am having listed below.

1,Various (4) cameras are going completely blank and staying off. If I switch the system off and then back on 3 cameras remain off then after approximately half an hour another camera will switch completely off.

2,My alerts are very hit and miss some times the alerts are very good, other times no alerts for hours even though cars and people have passed the cameras. then there are times where my alerts are coming through 20 minutes after the event.

Please can anyone advise me on what could be the problems? 
I purchased the system a month ago and am at a loss because the technical guys where I purchased the setup are going around in circles with me.
Am I asking too much of the system or should this be fairly straight forward ? either way my system is definitely far from a plug everything in and start straight away system.

Any help and advise will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


We have diagnosed that my system has plenty of POE allowance left so it’s not that(allowances of 200 and with 6 cams saying connected it has 170 remaining. The other thing is that after about 36 hours of completely cutting out, one of the big motorised cameras has now just come on without any reboot or beep from the Nvr 🙈

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Hi. Cameras going on and off ..... I have seen this issue a few weeks ago .... guy bought 8 x 4K cameras and the onyx Yale 4K nvr 


problem was the nvr will only run 2 of 4K cameras rest had to be 720p or 1. 4K camera and the other 7 1080p


China P2P app ..... will also give you alert problems ...... you may find it’s the app


i would get your money back for the nvr and get something better. Cameras will run on another nvr 


which onyx nvr do you have ?

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Hi tomcctv 

It is the Zxtech Onyx 25 channel 16 Poe Ports 8mp 4K CCTV High Definition Network Recorder

On the box it says it can run 12 channels at 4K

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Hi. Ok I know that system under a different name

the problem is 12x 4K is the very top of its limit and has problems processing which is why you have cameras dropping out. 

sounds like your recording 24/7 at full FPS you will also have the problem with playback 


your options are .... cameras in areas not needing 4K knock them down to 3 or 4mp also 4K cameras knock down the FPS to 12 or 15.......... all these settings you do from recorder no need to buy more equipment 

Also make sure both camer and nvr are set to H265  not H264   This helps with faster data

other option is keep cameras and send recorder back and buy one that will do 4K across the unit.  ....... ie. 16 way 4K nvr

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