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PELCO CCTV Analog and IP camera help

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Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can advise.....

We have 2 x PELCO CCTV systems in a facility, both with 4 cameras each. It's quite old and due an upgrade at some point. 
However, for now we need to keep it up and running as replacing the cables would be nightmare and very disruptive.

The system is analog with a PELCO DX4104 DVR.
The current cameras are model number ES4136-5W-X.

A CCTV supplier has provided camera model number ES6230-15-R2 as a replacement because the above cameras are obsolete.
However, this new camera is fitted with RJ45 output.  They have provided a BNC to RJ45 converter but this looks like a cheapo balun type that requires a DC power input.
After doing some research, this isn't going to convert the digital signal to analog?

What are the options I have to get this camera up and running with existing cables?
If we try and get something to convert the IP camera to analog as an additional box, would the control joystick (KDB300A) still work?

Any help much appreciated!


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Hi. There is an expensive way or a cheap way

and the cheap way is your best option and gives you a better system but you will loose joystick control  ..... instead you will have mouse control 


either buy 2 new hybrid recorder or if both your systems are same location just buy 1 8way

this will still run your existing cameras on there cables ... but on your ptz cameras you will also need IP over coax connectors 

this option also allows you to upgrade your cameras when needed  HD analog upto 4K

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Hi Andy, the camera they gave you is a network IP Camera, NOT an analog camera (and an expensive one at that!). That RJ45 is for a network interface NOT analog video.

It cannot be used as an analog camera. Your best bet is probably trying to repair the existing analog esprit unit you have, parts come up on ebay from time to time.

It could be something simple as a burnt out power supply or camera unit.

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