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Alfie Mike

5 Reasons for Your Business to Need a Security Cameras

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33 minutes ago, Alfie Mike said:

5 reasons why security cameras are helpful for your business :-

1. Insider Protection

2. Legal Protection

3. Employee Productivity

4. Theft Prevention

5. Identify Visitors

So security must be 6th reason ???

from your website 

Dynapost provides the world’s best platforms of digital video security camera systems, while embracing the human morals and traditions of business practices.

We provide full surveillance systems to meet our customer’s needs. Our products include Stand-Alone DVR, PC-Based DVR, Monitors, Day & Night Cameras


worlds best platform of digital .... but your only DVRs and PC based pci DVRs?



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reason number 3#   cameras are not a replacement for proper managment.  Cameras do show the employees that you do not trust them.  Some even make a game out of fooling with the cameras>  

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