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help for unknown dvr

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hello i am italian man and sorry for my bad english but i have need help for my dvr..i don't know the model and can't update firmware..this dvr are china production but when power on  it does not sound of bios and the screen are dark...hard disc working ..i don't know the exact model for flash firmware...you can help me?this dvr have chip  NEXTCHIP NVP1104B ,PROCESSOR HI3515RBC and nand spansion s29gl064n90tf104....this dvr after thunderstorm it was power on but screen was black..no image...any solution?

i found the model on web similar

1 https://imall.com/product/Embedded-Linux-4-Channel-H.264-Network-Digital-Video-Recorder-w-Remote-Controller-Champagne/Home-Office-Alarm-Protection-DVR-Cards-Systems/dx.com/129522/32-90103/en

2 https://manualzz.com/doc/25576355/dvr-9314v

3 http://focuscctv.blogspot.com/2012/02/dvr-jpdtech-ls-304-vs.html

MORE MODEL of this dvr but nothing firmware..unfortunately i don't have backup ..













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Hi. You are just wasting your time on the unit. 
Old cif recorder with damaged software ..... firmware will not recover it. 

DVRs are cheap. Look for a new 4 in 1  dvr

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12 minutes ago, frisko7650 said:


i want to recover it if is old...we don't have to throw everything away

Your right you don’t have to throw it away

use it as a paperweight or a doorstop 


firmware is useless if the software has failed 

It’s over 10 years old 

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