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i have an old 2015 model of sort DVR

with system version DVR-G004L-EC 2.0.0000.6

release date 2015-05-06

it'll start recording automatically when you turn it on.

and then every 59 seconds itll flash the date 2000-12-30 23:59:59 then it reverts into the system default of 2001-01-01 00:00:00 and then will record and set the recordings time on 2001till it all loops like that,

if you even try to change the time and date to the current, itll only keep recording of current time then when the next 59 second hits the clock it still reverts to the 2001 date

i've already did a format on the hardrive to clean the files, and did a hard reset on the device to load the default settings and all


the box says the name "smart watch" H.264 DVR

anybody knows how and where to find the latest software to flash it if possible.


cant upload "large files" so i hope the link for some images works...

box: 1vRPOg.jpg

version: O8piyB.jpg

back of the unit: rxkhQA.jpg

front of the unit: vLnuIj.jpg



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