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Blue Iris vs Synology.

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Hi all.

I'm pretty new to all the CCTV malarkey, but have a couple of SimCam Alloy 1S cameras that are currently running on the supplied phone App, but I'd like to go 'PC' for better control. SimCam provide info on how to connect up with Synology, but I'm aware that Blue Iris seems to have a decent reputation, so I was wondering if anyone could provide any pros and cons for either?

Thanks :-)

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Hi. There is not much expansion with smart cameras if any

synology. Might be achievable but it will be open for others to see into your storage


running on a vms will only give you basic video all the Ai is done on camera and is done via app


you need to know if you have access to your cameras IP address and ports …. But since your camera setup is qr then it is most likely P2P app needs it connection to all the time

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Cheers Tom.

I best repeat - I'm new to this, but I'm feeling my way around your reply! Ok, so VMS is Video Management Software, and this is seemingly what I was after - a program to provide a PC-operated system. So you reckon using a VMS - even BlueIris - won't provide for H265?

It certainly has rtsp, but apparently not ONVIF. I've had rtsp streaming live on VLC media player. Essentially, all I'm after is a way to record this streamed image on to an HDD.

The camera has an IP Addy, and on the App is an 'NAS/HDD Config' setting which indicates a //192.168.../folder.

Does any of that help me?!


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