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Hi there I wouldn't say am a total noob to CCTV. My last House about 6 years ago I installed a wired 8ch swann DVR which went to 8 separate Sony chipped cameras powered over cat5 cables and baluns. I've now moved to a new house and there's quite a bit of land. And I'm planning on installing another CCTV but how far has technology came since then I'm going to get another 8ch DVR. My main question is what are the best 4k CCTV cameras out there now too many options and can't really tell what the filming quality is like. I want a wired connection. Where I live is very dark at night, could do with some decent quality up to 30m. All cameras will be external to the house

Any advice would be great

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Here are my recommendations for best 4k security camera systems:

  • ANNKE H800 4K PoE Security Camera System: ANNKE has established a reputation as a top-rated maker of some of the greatest security camera systems on the market in recent years. One of their most popular options for individuals wishing to boost the security of their home or business without a lot of guesswork is the H800 4K PoE Security Camera System.
  • Reolink 4K PoE Security Camera System: Reolink is a well-known security camera system manufacturer. They have several good cameras, including the Eco, Go, and Argus 2. Their 4K PoE Security Camera System comes with a single control station and a set of four cameras.
  • Hornbill 4K PoE Security Camera System: The Hornbill 4K PoE Security Camera System, like the previous two camera sets, is a four-camera system. It can also be increased to 8 cameras with the acquisition of additional cameras. The control station is well-built and has a lot of connections. If you want to be more hands-on, you can connect a monitor and a mouse. Most individuals, however, use Hornbill's app to control the system.

You can choose any one of them but simply put, I feel the ANNKE H800 4K PoE Camera System provides the highest overall performance. When it comes to video and audio quality, the cameras are exceptionally tough, sturdy, and high-end. With four cameras and the ability to expand to eight, you'll have a turn-key system that's simple to set up and use. Good luck.

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