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xvim dvr viewing questions

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i got a xvim dvr with cameras. and for the most part it seems to be working good. i use tinycam for my phone to view the cameras. i use to have the zmodo dvr and i could see my cameras at home and away, but on this xvim i only see my cameras at home. the network and the network back page has different names for the settings and i'm not figuring this out. so is there any chance someone here has the xvim dvr and uses tinycam and might be able to help me out with this? attached are the xvim network pages and i need to know what fields i need to use for the port settings. The tiny cam says to use for the web port 34567 and i set my cameras to that and nothing when away even in the remote web port and rstp that number fails. now i have it forwarded on the modem so it should get out. but i must be using the wrong fields.


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above you see media port is set to what the tiny cam says to set it to. but i have different web ports and rstp ports already forwarded on the modem. i forwarded the 34567 and still nothing. below os the next page on the xvim network page. thanks


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