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Lenel OnGuard Alarm Setup

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We recently upgraded our Stentofon intercom system but the alarms appear differently in OnGuard Alarm Monitoring (see attachment).

Alarms are setup for each intercom device, and they used to trigger based on an "Intercom Function" event tied to the device.  Alarm Monitoring would show "Alarm Description" = <the alarm we had setup>, and then the standard controller, device, and date/time info.

An event is triggering in the new system but it now says "Alarm Description" = "Call to a Private Subscriber" instead of showing the alarm, which makes me think it is not triggering properly.  So it is registering something in Alarm Monitoring at least, but not sure if it is our alarm.

I tried changing the alarm to trigger on "Call to a Private Subscriber", expecting that Alarm Monitoring would at least show the alarm name that was setup, but no dice - nothing changed.


Any ideas on what I can look at for this?


This is how it appears now.



This is how it used to appear when we had the old Stentofon system.



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