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Swann PoE NVR with BNC Dome Cam... Possible?

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Hello and thanks for letting me join!

I have a Swann PoE CCTV system which utilises RJ45 connections at both cable ends to connect cameras to its NVR

I've purchased a dome camera, which comes with standard BNC connections (Yellow Video & Red Power plugs)... how do I connect this to my NVR?

I don't have a separate power adapter for the dome camera, so assume that the NVR will supply the necessary power, as it does for the Swann bullet cameras that were supplied with the system.

Many thanks, in advance.



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Hi it is possible but you will need an encoder which will cost a few 100 

so it’s cheaper to just buy another iP camera instead

us you willl need the cost of a power supply for your analog camera

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