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Neighbours camera pointing into our property

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My neighbour has put up  camera's on the front and side of their property. They both point towards our property and the rear camera points over the side 6ft fence and directly towards our hottub.

When we asked her she said its so she can stop me going into their garden which is an utter crazy remark and now she can "hear" everything we say.

We asked for it to be removed and pointed towards the back of her property or down the side but its fell on deaf ears so basically that will not be happening.

We feel totally spied on and intimidated and sitting outside chatting has ended and we no longer use the hottub.

She said it can't see us but if it's 2.8mm lense then it's no problem what so ever because if I can see the lense full on she can see us but what's worse, it's 10ft from were we sit out so every conversation family friends in the summer can be eaves dropped on if the camera has sound capability.

I own cameras which point directly to the back and front of my property as we back onto open fields same as our neighbour and my sheds been broken into 3 times which I showed her. It doesn't even show their fences.

Shes even accused that a tv aerial for the bedroom upstairs was camera.


We feel she is intimating us and spying on us. Can someone please tell me the rules and who do I report it to as we've had enough 


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I think it's better to ask your neighbour to add a privacy mask on top of your home to block your property from their cameras' view. If they refuse that, you should contact a lawyer to figure out how to proceed.

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