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Tecton Multiplexer HELP

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Hello, I just moved in to my new house and i am having a problem getting my multiplexer to work! It is a tecton drax duplex 10 multiplexer. When i hook it up and put the cameras up to it, it seems like it is going at the speed of light. I cant even see a picture half the time and i need to slow the speed down or something. does anyone know how to work this or does anyone have a manual......thanks so much

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I have a previous model, the kramplex, but should be similar.


What you are seeing is the output that should be going to the vcr, its the multiplexed output. It basically sends each camera one one after the other to the vcr, one field at a time, so all you see is a blur really.


Your drax should have multiple outputs, it should have


VCR output - connect this to the input on the vcr to record all cameras on tape.


Spot Monitor - for a second monitor where you can view any single camera at will.


monitor (whatever they call it, it may have two like this) which is the output for a main monitor, this will let you see the camera you have selected on the front panel, or view in quad mode etc - connect your viewing monitor to this one and it should be fine. The drax should have both BNC and Y/C outputs, if your monitor supports Y/C input then that should be used for a better picture, otherwise just use standard BNC.


If recording to tape, you will need to make sure the drax is connected up and configured correctly for the timelapse vcr you have, I believe the drax has a vcr swipe output that connects to a timelapse vcr so the recording can be syncronised.


Never had any luck finding manuals for any tecton products, if you find one, give me a shout! Tecton can supply manuals if you ask them, but be warned they are overpriced, they quoted me 50 uk pounds for a manual for the kramplex!

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