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OYN-X (HiSilicon Hi3521a)

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Hi Everyone,

I have a OYN-X Trio NVR IP AHD 960H 16Chn (Model NITRO-TRI-16BB) with a HiSilicon Hi3521a

Part Number on the board is AHB70XXt16-3521A V1.03

Manufacture date looks to be 18 Feb 2016

I've tried every password reset tool i can find on the internet, (SuperPassword Generators 1 to 4 for HiSilicon plus loads of others)

But i don't think i've found the right one,

There are others on here, that have posted passwords for other users, (for older dates) and when i try replicate them with all the password generators i found, they don't match up so i don't think i've come across the right one just yet.

Could someone point me in the right direction or send me over a Code for whatever date you post it please? (and maybe the following date, just in case :-P)



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