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Can not read licence plates at night

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My first Q, thanks for letting me in.

I have a Hickvision Cam type DS-2CD2385FWD-I running firmware V5.5.51 build 180314 (latest update)


Cam is placed 5 m from car in picture under.









Here you can see my problem: Car is braking same time as plate is visible. BUT also when no brake licence plate is not visible due to IR reflection.

Some of you experts that can give me a tip for picture adjustment?





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I know that's 5m away, but at a 2.8mm lens it is not suitable for LPR.

You might be able to get some guidance on LPR on ipcamtalk forum.

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Hi. With not using a anpr camera your going to have problems


but for the equipment you have 

I would set camera to day only …. So as IR doesn’t come on and also stays colour 

this way you are relying on the cars lights and licence plate light to work for you …. Also you will get colour of car

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