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Marcel RWS

Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-K1/P

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Hello everyone,


I have the Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-K1/P DVR and 4 analog POC cameras connected. I would like to connect another 3 IP cameras Annke C500. After setting up only two of them the recorder does not want to take any more IP cameras. It displays error "no more IP camera allowed". The IP cameras are attached to the POE switch and the switch is attached to the same local network as the DVR. I found it weird as Hikvision states on their website that the recorder can take "up to 8 network cameras". Could someone please let me know what could be causing this issue?


What sort of Hikvision DVR could be used instead to set up 4 POC analog cameras and 3 IP cameras all at once?


Thank you.

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6 hours ago, Marcel RWS said:

What sort of Hikvision DVR 

Hi as you have already found out …. Hik only publishes there specs good side 


you have the 4 channel dvr which has a maximum of 5mp across all channels 

the 8 channel has 8mp across all channels 

so depending on what size cameras you have 

( resolution) but don’t expect much from the 4 channel 

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