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1 camera dosn't show up on NVR's monitor but does on iOS app

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Ok here is my set up first

NVR- NBD8000R-PL generic NVR Software Ver.=4.03.R11.34500202.120

Networked though switch to router.

All cameras Onvif different ports some 80, 8080

5 PTZ cameras, 3 with motion or human tracking

1 Stationary

1 NDB313 Door Bell camera

Here is the issue on the monitor connected to NVR I always have the issue of one camera not showing up. ( 9 camera view)

It's connected just shows a red X on that frame, but If I click it the full screen of it comes up and then the camera view appears.

But when click back out of the full screen that camera shows in the frame, but one of the other camera views shows a red X.

I been though this thing several times trying to figure this out, at first I thought it might be that the monitor was connected VGA and it was a resolution thing.

After running into this setting up a laptop with a HDMI to DVI adapter the boot/grub menu would not show up till an OS was up and running.

I corrected this by getting a true HDMI monitor and worked great so I tried it on the NVR with the same result.

Pretty weird and all camera's show up on the iOS devices with the NVR mobile app.

Any thoughts?




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7 Camera's

5- 4k the rest 2K may have one that is 3K

Oh an also supposedly this is a 16Channel DVR.

Also I just tried thinking about it, it has digital channels setting, choice is for 16 or 8, I tried both with no effect.



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Hi yours is the xmeye 8 channel card  and also using 4K will not work as that card is only 5mp so that alone might reduce your channel’s 

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Not sure what your saying here.

So 5M is not 4k?  Woops after research I see that.... 5M is only 2592x1944   I was thinking 4K was 5M.. that explain then.

But I miss quoted the camera's, as I think none of them or 4k then but 5M, I don't think any are 4K.

I will check and see but I know that I can reduce the res on any that are above.


Well it shows like this in the window

           1080P                       |                            5M

[ ]                    .                                                         16

[ ]                    .                                                           8

[ ]                  16                                                         .



I always had it set to 16 but tried in both settings with the same results.

So should I disconnect one of the other camera's  and see if the same 2 still do the not show up thing, I'm pretty sure that the same 2 do the not show up.

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