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HELP with SVAT CV502-4CH-X

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Old system given to me free with one camera, and will be sufficient for my needs.

I can get it to send emails and so I know its connected and i have the port forwarded but I can't sign in from my computer and view system with local IP number (or my main IP number followed by the open port). On a Mac and on Safari it just keeps telling me to install plug in.   On an old windows 7 internet explore 11  I have followed the directions about trusting the site and checked off all the activeX control's but never get past a dark blue screen (no prompt to download activeX).

NOR (what I really want) is to view from my iPhone.  I have tried several apps plugging in the IP numbers, and password but can't get connected.  The instructions I found online are very vague but say it can be connected via iPhone.

The one camera (not original to the system) has a 4 way button and only works on analog so I assume this is an analog system.

I don't have the original remote it would have came with - any chance someone knows a remote code to program and use a universal remote??

any and all help is appreciated!


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Hi … svat went out of business years ago along with there network support and app support which is no longer available on App Store

Java applications for video are not used any more
And it was limited

Icamviewer might be a app solution but as Java it will be slow

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THANKS for the reply.  Not getting  Icamviewer to work, trying both the local IP and the main router I port forwarded.   Also found some original info on the system and reference to Asee and the suggested app - can't get that to work either.

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