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Andy Stankovich

Panasonic WJ`HD316A hard drive not readable on a PC?

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Hi. Im looking for advice on a hard drive issue.

Im trying to view footage thats on a hard drive that came from a Panasonic WJ HD316a DVR but i cannot.

The hard drive spins up but is not recognised by any of my PC's or mac. Do I need specific software to view it?

I do not have the original DVR. And have tried buying a exact version on the DVR and It still dosnt recognise it?

Please help the footage is extremely important.

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Hi on old stuff like this you might get lucky or not

that pano was out around the time of having to use partitions drives on a lot of systems also a lot of licences will of run out that will not allow you to look at the footage like Java 

the partitions held operating system and backup and footage either on seperate hard drives or just one

what I would do is use a pc not connected to the internet

i would then change the date on that pc to 2008 then install your Panasonic drive and see if it detects it then 

drive should be E …… use config to open and look for either footage or master……… on Panasonic backup file also has player embedded 

but as you know it’s hit or miss one simple mistake on a 250 or 500 it will format

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I presume you are using a windows OS. The HDD may be a ext partition so windows will not support the disc format. You can try mounting it using a program like Paragon ExtFS. this will allow you to mount the drive. Or run a virtual build of linux.

Other option to test the HDD is operating correctly you could download a trial of something like UFS explorer. This is a very good data recovery tool and i have had some cracking results using it.

Just remember that the data may not be in a file arranged format and there could potentially just be a drive full of RAW proprietary data.

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