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Saving Cam Setting.s Via Laptop Ethernet

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Howdy Friends,

It's been a long time since I've visited - but I'm sure the answer to my question will be readily known.  I own a Swann / Hikvision NVR 7200-8 and over the years I've used my old laptop to connect to the NVR in order to update my cam settings (primarily the IR begin / end times).  My old laptop is no longer working, and I'm now attempting to do the same activity with a much newer laptop that does not have an RJ45 connection.  I have a USB 3.0 to RJ45 adaptor - and just today updated the IP v.4 settings to match the NVR (success).  In the camera menus there is a Save button at the bottom of each screen.  However, when I use the "Image" menu to update the IR Begin / End times, I can enter the values I want - but there is NO Save button appearing (as there always has been).  Thus, once I change screens - my edits are not saved.  I haven't tried changing any other settings to see if the save button in those screens are operational - which I suspect they are.  I have not made any changes to the F/W of the NVR.

I'm using Google Chrome as my default browser, and I also tried Edge - but it didn't work either.   I also am unable to use "Live View" as I had  before when logged into an individual camera - and a message appeared in that screen space asking for me to download a file (WebComponents.exe) - which I did.  I recall doing that years ago with my old laptop.  I closed out and restarted my laptop (Dell PC), but still am unable to save my changes to IR begin / end times.

I received some messages that this was an "un-safe" site - although I'm only logging into my own NVR.  So, I opened Trend Micro Security and entered the URL of this particular camera as an exception - as a safe site.

I'm most interested in being able to both access the cams (which I can) but to SAVE my chages.

Thanks in advance for your valuable ideas.


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