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Question re: Neighbor's Camera

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Camera neophyte here--with questions regarding a neighbor's camera.

Am I permitted to ask & post photos regarding this on the forum?

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Thank you, Tom.

This is probably an unusual inquiry ;-)

I'm "green" with respect to security cameras & would like to know what kind of camera, if possible, my #*^! neighbor's son has placed on the garage near my fence, facing directly into my backyard.

In case it's relevant, it has a flashing green light. lol.

Also, wondering what kind of privacy laws, if any, might exist---OR what I can do about it. Already planning a 6 ft fence---but that's not tall enough & not much room for a large planting.

Any info/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

5 hours ago, tomcctv said:

Hi trishp  yes you can but no names or address 






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Hi. The dreaded nest camera … cheap nasty smart cam ….. not a cctv camera 

yes there is a lot you can do about it as it’s video and audio ….. the pictures you have taken and the middle one is taken from your property then you have the right to ask them to move it away from your property 

those nest are run by google and the video is saved by google unlike conventional cctv system we’re the owner owns the recordings on site

if you don’t get on with next door then it might be best to get a lawyer to send him a letter 

all video and audio and saved onto google server is a breach of your privacy and you wish it removed 

you can also look up audio recording in your state on cctv audio recording …. In many states it is illegal 

nests own privacy statements also tells installer’s to not record into other’s property 

mill find some more information for you 

what state are you in

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Hi. Ct has a one person consent law but this does not allow eavesdropping …. Which his camera is doing to you 24/7 

Maldonado with the nest he can’t switch audio off so you need to read on your laws

Connecticut recording law stipulates that at least one party’s consent is required to record an in-person conversation. Failure to comply with this law is regarded as eavesdropping.. 

as far as video there is no law unless you can prove he does not need the camera in the location he has it …. Purposely recording your private propert




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THANK YOU so much for this wealth of information.

Knowledge is certainly power, and I will be contacting an attorney.

And, please know I will pay your kindness forward.




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