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Heimvision HM211 - Setup Fails

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Two of our HM211's were working fine but several brief power glitches from Hurricane Idalia caused one to lose the link.

I tried PixPlus wifi but that failed.

Took it down, brought it inside, and the same failure.

Connected via a known good RJ45 cable to the router - the setup runs to 100% then says minor errors, try again (a totally worthless error message).

Tried 3x - same error - with no hint from PixPlus as to why.

Any suggestions, please?



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Follow-up ... Heimvision instructed me to try a reset.

Did that 3x, using both wired and wireless connection options, no joy.

Also, they informed me that the 2yr warranty had expired, so support ended as well.

So, a Heimvision camera is a 2 year device - after that - it's abandonware.

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Since PixPlus was misbehaving on two Pixel phones (4a and 6) I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall.

It says version 4.2 on the App store but tries (and fails) to install version 5.0 (on a Pixel 4a).

It does appear to install and work according to instructions on a Pixel 3a - but fails to install the

camera at the end of things ... I may try that borrowed cellphone, again.

In wired mode it can be setup and viewed using Camlytics (I can also see it via a Cobra DVR).

The problem there is that little voice in the camera continues to carry on about connecting via cable ... sigh.

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