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jennov mvr question

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i just got this jennov nvr with built-in monitor model v1908f85-8e.   i was told by the seller that i would be able to see all my cameras i have on my network with this unit.

so i set it up and it will not see the cameras that i have connected to my dvr/nvr unit. that unit sees all of my cameras.  also i have 2 other nvr units that will see both the ip cameras and the dvr cameras.

this jennov nvr is on the same network i checked the box to get this one to align to my router and then unchecked it so it will not change back to what it shipped with, i did that for all the other dvr and dvr/nvr units.     

thanks for any ideas

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I have several Jennov products to include that NVR you have.  The cameras connected to the NVR ethernet ports are on their own separate network.  As far as I know the NVR can ONLY  access those cameras directly connected to it.  They also have a great tech support the generally get to you within 24hrs and most times you can chat with them live.

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thanks. i did make support contact and they said this unit will not be able to see my other nvr or the combo dvr/nvr. but it did find the cameras i have directly connected to my network. so i managed to get cameras on the jennov that will work.

the other thing i do not like at all is the screen has a very narrow viewing angle. you have to be directly in front of it to see the feed good. if your just to the left-right-up-down the images are cloudy or they start to dim. kind of like some laptops, they must have used a cheap laptop screen. if i could find a 10

' 0r larger tablet that would connect to my network with a lan cable i would sell the jennov unit and go back to a tablet. they are much thinner and have a wide view angle. but for now it is what it is. thanks


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