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Hi, I found this forum by typing DVR Forums into google. I am on the hunt for a cheap yet useful DVR for my home. I already own plenty of cameras and have not had much luck with the DVR Cards. So I am looking at a Stand Alone(Dedicated) DVR. I will start another post about this topic. I just wanted to share with the webmasters how I came to get to this site.


I am a young (20's) programmer with about 4 years of intense Home Automation experience. I use a combination of Hardware and Software to automated my home. Hardware such as the Elk M1G alarm system which has RS232 capability for control and monitoring. The elk also has the ability to control my lights. I also use a software application called CQC(CharmedQuark Controller). CQC is basically a nice way to interface multiple technologies for automation. It allows you to build touch screen interfaces as well as manage your Audio and Video file and equipment, callerID, and a bunch of other TCP/IP and RS232 controllable hardware devices.


The one thing that is missing from my HomeAutomation system tho is a nice DVR - Video Security system. Hopefully some of you can help me with that.

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Welcome to the forum where you'll find a ton of information.


Try the search function to find some answers to your questions.


If you don't find it, then ask away!

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