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  1. what do you mean by Lan 1 & 2? Your POE NVR have 2 lan ports, excluding the 8 POE ports? Anyway, you should select either 192.168.1.xx or 192.168.2.xx as your ip which should correspond with your actual gateway.
  2. This is a rebdge Zeno/Videopark NVR. What is your NVR IP address? I see you have use Open UPNP to auto detect the camera. With UPNP the IPC need not be in the same gateway. From your list, it looks like you only have 4 IPC which is already added into the NVR. Type 1 & Onvif is the same camera.
  3. msecure

    Intellex 4.0 Help.

    You are welcome!
  4. msecure

    Intellex 4.0 Help.

    There should be physical dip switch for you to set the camera ID.
  5. msecure

    Intellex 4.0 Help.

    You need to set the ID via the camera OSD. BTW, are you using a pair of rs485 for controlling the ptz or UTC? UTC=Up the Coax, for controlling PTZ without needing additional cable. Is it SD or HD camera?
  6. msecure

    Intellex 4.0 Help.

    Are you sure the ID is not duplicated? Check Cam 8 & 9 to see if you have set the ID wrongly.
  7. msecure

    Intellex 4.0 Help.

    Do you mean all nine are Pan Tilt Camera that moves?
  8. Does it always goes to the same position when trigger by motion? Otherwise, there is a possibility that someone is watching you
  9. Yes, most TVI camera can be use. You can also use the 4 in 1 types but set as TVI give the best performance.
  10. You do not need POE NVR, just get normal NVR with a pair of Ethernet over Power(Powerline adapter) and @ garage just use a POE switch connect to the EOP.
  11. msecure

    adjusting cctv monitor

    Check if there is an option for underscan in Display settings.
  12. msecure

    The Ultimate dashcam

    Personally, am not using but from what I know I have associates that bought this Anytek Dashcam and they has been using with no issue since he bought during the 2015 CPSE in Shenzhen. BTW, Malaysia weather is hot 7/24 365 days Note: I will check if it's still working though, since no incidence they might not have try playback.
  13. Wrong, there is a converter call EOC, ethernet over coax. https://www.amazon.com/Actiontec-Bonded-Ethernet-Adapter-ECB6200K02/dp/B013J7O3X0/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_147_bs_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=K32S2BCNHYQFF6110Y9T
  14. msecure

    Hacked or Bug?

    The screen already show hacked and you still need to ask? Second wave of Dahua hacked started last week.
  15. msecure

    anyone know anything about these cameras?

    From the default IP it looks like XM OEM. http://www.xiongmaitech.com/en/