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Siamese RG59 UV Rated Outdoor

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Can someone please help me located 1000 foot of Siamese RG59 UV Rated Outdoor cable. It is going on top of a canopy not direct burial.




4000 foot Siamese RG59 Plenum.



Also, do they make blauns that have video and power in them? It would solve my need for the UV Rated Siamese.


I wish Mohawk made a RG59, I love there CAT5 cable. It is all I use now, one of my vendors told me about it. They used over 10,000 feet a month.

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Joe,If you like Mohawk then buy Belden, Mohawk is a Specialty division for Belden and Belden sold its Communications Cable Assets To Superior Essex ........as the corp. world turns, if your gonna buy baluns you should consider sticking with NVT or Nitek you can source these products from retailer/dealers some are forum members check their links......

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