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8 camera switching flicker problem, how do I solve it

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Dear Forum,


I am currently trying to put together an 8 camera system to record a miniature architectural diorama in realtime. The diorama is 1:50 scale and rotates one an hour using geared motors. I want the eight cameras to cut between different scenarios on the model, either sequentially or manually. I guess what I want to do is build a miniature tv studio with min cameras.


I have eight cameras, they are 8 480tvl 1/4-inch Panasonic D5 CCD mini cctv cameras. I also have a baxall dvs switcher. My problem is that i'm getting flicker between camera changes. So far everything has been bought on a shoestring budget but I need to resolve this issue with the flicker. What hardwear solution, either as a stand alone box or computer card could I use to solve this issue.


Any thoughts would be greatly received.



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this problem occurs because of two reason


1. your cameras are not matching , which ever camera is flickering replace that camera with other one


2. your monitor's sync is not proper replace monitor and check,


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Not familiar with the camera you quoted.


Does this camera have a synchronization adjustment? Internal or Line-lock?

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