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This is some info I got from a GE powerpoint doc.

I personally have not had the time to go through it all yet.



CCD & CMOS – A Brief History


-Both chips developed in 1960’s and 1970’s.


-CCD took early dominance because the manufacturing techniques available in the ’60s and 70’s could not produce CMOS sensors that performed as well as CMOS.


-By 1990’s manufacturing had progressed so that CMOS chips had the same relative performance capabilities as CCD.


-Currently CMOS chip production and use is 20 times that of CCD (primarily because of cell phone and automotive cameras).



CCD & CMOS – Pros/Cons


-Historically, CCD chips provided better yields and better images than CMOS (e.g. better low-light sensitivity). This was because of the circuitry on CMOS chips that covered some of the pixel, reducing fill factor.


-Historically, CMOS chips required fewer components and less power


-Today, CMOS chips have the same or better yields than CCD production and image quality is nearly identical. Also the circuitry covering the pixel has been VASTLY reduced and combined with microlens technology has dramatically improved the amount of light available to each CMOS pixel.


-Today, CCD chips also require fewer components and can also be made to be very low power.



CCD & CMOS – Wide Dynamic Range


-Both CMOS and CCD pixels “fillâ€

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I heard that GE and many other companies got together to release the Pixim Cmos chip, I wonder if this is why they now think they are a pretty neat idea?


Yeah, thats why its used by all of these small time players ..







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For PTZ IP cameras, how about;

Panasonic KX-HCM280A

Toshiba IK-WB15A or IK-WB21A

Axis 214

These will all cost considerably more than $500 and none can do more than 640x480 pixels.

The OP is looking for high res.


The IK-WB21A does have SXVGA (1280 x 960), but at a lower frame rate.

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I've purchased and tested the Axis 207MW and it is pretty sweet for the money...under $400.00 bucks easy! Great pic & audio uses MPEG4 codec that I've read reviews on that basically spec out considerably lower than anyother IP MEGA out there. Granted, it's not a Super MEGA but the pic I got for the money spent is exactly what I need...and the lower bandwidth usage is just as nice.


My next purchase will be the Axis 212..........it's a electronic PTZ....no moving parts......and it's a MEGA, and under $600.00. PTZ is limited BUT again, the pic for the money spent is nice.....same codec/bandwidth savings.[/img]

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