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IP camera software problem

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IP camera recording software running on a PC.

Several IP cameras on LAN, WAN and Internet.


The problem:


If one (or any number) of the IP cameras loses power and/or network connectivity for a period of time greater than ~2 minutes, the recording software does not "re-connect" with the camera(s).


In order to get the camera connected back to the recording software, I have to restart the software (or that particular camera in the software).


I have noticed this with several different IP camera softwares. I wont mention the names here because there are newer versions available and I have not tested this problem with them.


Has anyone else encountered this? Particularly with latest version software.

More to the point - can anyone recommend an IP recording software that does not exhibit this problem?

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Does this also count for the big names, like Milestone, Genetech, ... ?


Some of the software I used was "big names". But some of these are 1 or 2 versions old. I just dont have the time right now to test the latest versions of these software.


It just seems to me that when designing an IP camera recording software, one of the most important functions should be to re-connect to a camera once the connection has been lost and restored - without user intervention.


With the internet what it is...and networks what they are, it is almost inevitable that a connection between camera and recorder will happen.

You can take steps to reduce the likelyhood of such events - batt. backup of cameras and network switches, routers, etc... but if you have a very large network or go across the internet - you are bound to have a dissconection.

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