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CCTV for boat in Aruba

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Hi guys... need some equiptment help...

Just finished a 16 channel deal for a client who has a boat in Aruba. He wants me to purchase equiptment so that he can see who is boarding his boat from the plasma installed on the boat..... no remote, no recording..... I deal mainly with digital, and could use the help in designing this....


The client will install this system. I purchased four outdoor IR cameras with BNC connectors.... What type of QUAD should I run this to, as he will be connecting it to his plasma.... Is there any other hardware needed outside of the power supplies? What type of video output do the quads typically have that would work with general video imputs on a CONSUMER plasma display...


Thanks for the help.

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depends on the plasma, but you would probably just use the A/V input which is RCA, so you would need a BNC-RCA adapter for the Monitor out on the quad. You could just use a RCA cable, so the adapter would be on the quad side - RCA femal - BNC male.


Get a quad with an IR Remote if possible, so they can either use the remote itself, or learn it into their main IR remote - to change the camera views. They would have to place the quad near to the Plasma though. I've used the Eclipse CCTV quads in the past, comes with an IR remote and is very inexpensive - its OEM though so most OEM branded ones would suffice. Not many big brands have them nor have an IR Remote from what Ive seen, plus the price would be much more.


Other hardware, UPS Battery Backup with Voltage Regulation - if they are powering off the local power company - they could get that down there though probably, we get ones here that are designed for Latin America (they stick the Caribbean in with LA) 600VA APC UPS for $140 with voltage regulation built in. I cant bring it in cheaper myself, due to Customs and Shipping charges.


Not sure how well versed the client is with installing electronics, but if he has not done it before, he might want to see if there are any local installers that can assist. Most companies wont do it as he would be buying his own gear, but there could be some sub contractors (such as myself - but I dont live there) that would, once the equipment is decent.


Also, dont forget the cable

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