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90 acre ranch install. Many problems unlimited budget.

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I am trying to draw up a install for a log cabin at a ranch. I am running into a few design flaws.


This is the gear list please give me brand suggestions.

4 outdoor pole mounted cameras.

2 outdoor dome

1 outdoor wall mounted with big zoom, trying to see gate that is ~650 feet away.

4+ wireless receiver from guest house.


Guest house

4 outdoor dome

4+ wireless link ~1500 feet LOS to main house.


I need a DVR that can be mounted in the garage. It is insulated but pretty hot being in Texas.


They are havening the front gate redone and want to be able to.

1. Buzz people in using the house phone.

2. Be alerted when someone presses the buzzer to trips a ir

3. View the gate camera PNP style on the house TV. (sat system with 2 GIANT HD Plasma screens)


How can I tie in the video to the existing tv system for viewing?

4 of the runs are 600+ feet. Who makes the best active blaun?

How hot can a power supply get before it fails?


I have never done a wireless link, any suggestions.


They did not blink at a 10,000 dollar materials only so I want to get the best gear.


If the DVR must go inside I would need to do it wifi also. No wires on the log cabin at any cost.


Thanks for the help.

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Hey joe4 I have some questions to ask..


2. Be alerted when someone presses the buzzer to trips a ir "

I need more info on this please.


If you are going to use wireless to connect everything together than I do not think $10,00 is going to be enough!


They do have front gate access equipment that can tie in to a phone system. When a car pull up they can press a button that will ring the phones inside of a house, and you can pick up any phone and talk to the person at the gate. You can then punch in a 4 digit code to open the gates. You can also give the maids, pool person, gardner/landscaper, and other allowables their own 4 digit code to let them in when you are not at home. I would not put the detector on the outside of the gate because it will drive a home owner crazy every time someone used the driveway to turn around to find an address! You will want to install the car dectector on the inside of the gate. If someone punched in the 4 digit code to open and hold open the gate, then this will alert you that someone has entered, and is approaching the house. The easist detector used is the metal detector. It is usually placedbeside the drive. It is better to have this under the drive to better pick up fiberglass cars, and motorcycles. They are placed to the side of the drive for maintenance issues. If you have a paver on sand drive then these are great for putting the detector under the drive!

A beam detector may be better with two or more beams to prevent false alarms. Metal detectors do not detect children, and dogs.


What kind of cabins are these? Are these modern styled log cabins, or are these old rustic style cabins?? Is this new construction, or is this a retrofit?


This info may not be of interest to you joe4 but I will throw it in for the readers who may find an idea that helps them in their situation.


For modern style log cabins under constuction you can use a router across the top of the log to make a channel for the camera wires. For vertical paths you will drill through the logs to run up, and down with the wire.


If running wire on a retro fit is a problem then I would look for crown moulding and base boards to hide my wire.


Rustic cabins are great. You can cut a smaller log of the same type used in the log construction, and you can use this for crown moulding. You can use this as corner moulding as well. Now you can run your wires hidden.


I had to run conduit on a rustic cabin once. I took smaller logs and I covered the conduit with the log. It was actually well hidden becuase of the texture of the bark, and the natural look of wood. When you pointed it out then you would say "oh yea! Now I see it"


Log cabins sometimes have antique farm implements attached to them. It could be plows, tack, scythes, or saws, etc. You can cover your work with this. I have also use the old metal stamped, or wooden advertisment signs for soda, oil, and medicine from days gone past. I have made my own antique signs or I have distress plywood to make it look aged. If you want to know how I did this here is how.....


Paint the wood with a primer such as "kilz brand", when dry paint with a base color such as a brick red, or a dark blue, or a aqua marine green. When this is dry paint over this with a crackle paint. It appears clear, or milkly. Coat it real good. When dry, paint this with a mixture of water, and white paint. The white paint will activate the crackle paint layer and make the white paint to start to crack, and peel. Now the wood looks weather, old, and distressed. You can paint an advertisement on the the primer, and then crackle it, and then paint it with the white paint. It will now appear as an advertising that has been painted over, and the weather has reexposed it. You can hit this with a hammer, some wood, and you can sand it to really give it an old look.


I would not recommend putting the DVR in the garage. I would highly suggest putting it in the main part of the cabin!!


For the guest house I would use a DVR at the guest house and then hook it up to the internet for remote viewing at the main house. If you do not have internet then I would use the lan connection and hook this up to the wireless system.


I am not an expert on wireless systems I would suggest PMing WirelessEye




Here are some posts on wireless









Here is a poste on baluns





Good luck!

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Here is somemore of my dumb ideas. I just remembered an old install that I did. Once I new where they wanted the DVR I used a closet that was close by. I had to dig under the concrete slab. From the closet I had to drill a hole large enough for my conduit and all of my wires. I cut in to the inside wall of the closet, and I cut out a section of the 2x4 "footer". This is where my wires came from the outside. The wires went under the slab and right in to the interior wall of the closet. On the other side of this wall was the DVR. My wires were hidden, and the home owner was very happy. Or at least until he got the bill for the labor charges!!!


This digging sounds real easy, but trust me it is not!!!!



To tie in the video with the existing tvs with out running wires is going to be tough. I would run wires to all of the tvs and then have them switch inputs, (or source) to view the sat and the cameras. I have only used modulators on cable company systems and not with sat systems.


You can use "video extenders" to view the DVR, but you sacrifice privacy, because anyone can receive this signal. If they are out in the boonies then they may not be an issue. This would be a concern in a residential neighborhood. Make sure you order a DVR with a Remote Control so that you can control the DVR with IR extenders.



In reference to power supplys getting hot. What kind of power supply?

Yes they do get hot, and it is to be expected. Power supplys are not efficient, and generate heat instead of properly converting the energy more efficiently. Add more heatsinks, or replace the original fans with better fans, and / or provide more ventilation. If you are reading this post go and touch you cable box on your tv. HOT isn't it!!!!


I hope this helps!

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thanks for all the info. I will look into the metal detector.


It is brand new and they do not want the building touched, that is why I am doing to pole mounts and pointing them toward the house.


I can go over the 10k.


I need wifi from the guest house to the main house because It is 1500 feet.

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have you considered off-site IP camera recording? all video recorded off-site which protects video..............price out a T1 to the house, RF bridge the cabin, RF bridge the gate, and record it all elsewhere. reduces equipment. If your client has the money just go for it. just make sure that the internet link is dedicted...........or use a very good router that can handle QOS.


cabin; IP 4 camera Server with analog camera's


Main House: IP camera server(s) with analog camera's.............AND use the Axis 207MW along with the Axis 212.


Recorder: Avermedia has the new 16 channel hybrid, see link at bottom of post..........









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