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Can this be hooked up to a DVR or PC for recording? SG17Q20

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Can a Lorex SG17Q2041 system be hooked up to a PC or a DVR for recording? If yes, how would you go about it? What would you recommend hooking it up to? If it can be hooked up to a DVR or PC for recording, why would you or why wouldnt you do it this way?


Thanks for the input



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Good News!


Can it be done? Yes it can.


Do you have it in Actual, or do you have it in Quad mode?


Have you bought extra cameras, or are you only using one?


Do you leave it on, or do you keep it in standby mode?


Why do you need a DVR? Do you need 24/7 recording?



You will need to keep it in quad mode as this will still output a signal even while it is in standby mode.


You will need to take the VCR output, and you will hook this up to channel(camera) one on the DVR. This will keep your paging function, and you will not have to buy new cameras for the DVR, and you can record 24/7!!


It is not worth using the original cameras with the DVR unless you are an electronics hobbyist, and you know how to use a soldering iron, and you know your wiring color codes. You can connect a crimp on connector to the camera wiring, but you will need a good magnifying lens to do the work.




You are actually mixing to seperate pieces of equipment that were not designed to work together.


If you are not satisfied with your performance of your aircooled, 4 cylinder volkswagen, then you would not buy a 4X4, V8 box framed, water cooled, oilcooled, transmission cooled, and disc brake cooled truck to tow your volkswagen!


You may want to go with an upgrade I would say mix the equipment for now, but buy a few camera designed for the DVR over a period of time.

A good migration plan should be like my first car. Do not get me wrong! I love the very first car that I owned! Would I drive it today? Safety issues: No! Mileage issues: No! Cool looks for todays incrowd: Heck NO!

I have sold, and traded cars over a period of time, and now I have a car that gives me the pleasure, and the value that I deserve. I still have a soft spot for my first car, and I have a soft spot for the very first surveillance system that I installed.


I think you have a good system, and a good migration plan to protect your valuables!

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