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  1. Looking for somewhere in the US to buy adapters and psu`s to run rj11 cameras on a bnc dvr... Can find them all over in the UK, but that doesnt do me any good.. Heres a link... http://cpc.farnell.com/direct-connect/rjbnc-s1-psu/interface-rj11-to-bnc-x-1-i-p-with/dp/SR06767 I screwed up since I didnt follow the bnc wires all the way back to the monitor, the connections from the crt monitor to the dvrs were bnc, the cameras themselves plug into the monitor are the phone jack style. DOH Not sure on the differences between rj11 and rj10 and all that... will look into it today... all i know is that there are no open pin slots, everthing has a wire in it..
  2. Hi Kalpesh, Its a Clover CDR 4170 No such thing as a manual online that I have been able to find.. Heres a link to the unit on Sams Club, where the unit was purchased, it seems to have the best description of the unit.. The unit is also a major PITA in that half the time both units wont finish their self tests with a fixed mounted storage drive, and a drive in the hot swap sled. Remove the sled, works fine, put it back in, wont finish post. In and out a few times, and then they start working again. Its not the drives, I`ve pulled them, and run the full mfgr drive diagnostics, they passed with flying colors. Thanks,
  3. Hey All. Looking for a starting point here.... I need an 8-16 channel Standalone or PC based DVR system to replace a current older vcr system with 8 cameras. Would like to reuse the BNC cameras if possible, but thats not always an option.. I`ve tried 2 four channel clover dvr`s, but they dont seem to always work as they should, they dont continue to copy over the oldest files on the hard drive even when specified to do so, and theres always an alarm light flashing, but the manual, or maybe I should say what they try and pass off as a manual doesnt tell me what to check or what the alarm is even for. What I`m looking for is couple options for starting points, brands to stay away from etc... Price is a bigger concern than performance, but I`m always open to new ideas and better options for a few $$ more. Thanks in advance for any suggestions E.
  4. sillared

    Can this be done?

    I think I found a solution.... http://www.amazon.com/Lorex-Pin-Coupler-Power-Supply/dp/tech-data/B000HZIC2Q/ref=de_a_smtd/105-6324666-9538803 coupled with this: http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/navigate.do?dest=5&item=335454 to use the cameras that came with the quad. Yes, I know it will record continuously, but are there any other drawbacks we would have to be aware of? Yes, more hard drive space would be preferable with 24/7 recording, and that will be addressed. Just looking for thoughts/comments/experiences. Thanks much folks!
  5. sillared

    How Do Cameras & FPS Fill Hard Disk?

    I`m only another newb, so correct me if I`m wrong, but I would contact your DVR Vendor and ask them. How much disk space you consume per hour/day is going to depend on what resolution-framerate and compression algorithm your hardware-software uses. I figured out the "burn rate" as I call it on the storage of a qlr0444, which is an inexpensive 4 channel PC based system by setting all camera resolution-framerates identical, then setting them to constantly record for 1 hour. I then took the amount of space used to calculate how large a disk I need for however long I wish to retain my images. In my case here, the Qlr0444 burns roughly 2 gig a week if I remember right.. HIGHLY compressed, so the video quality isnt sparkling, but definitely better than an old VCR solution I`ve been able to compare it to. Hope that helps a lil bit
  6. Ok.. Completely new to this, been browsing a bit. . Doing this for next to nothing as a learning experience. Customer has an old 8 camera VCR system he wants to replace... Wants to keep the price down, and have images that should hold up in court if needed. Hes been playing with A QLR0444 4 channel PC based system, which seems to work "well for the price", and is thinking about adding a 2nd qlr0444 for a total of 8 cameras.. Compression is software based, first 8 cameras run a Pentium D Dual core 3.2 ghz system with 2 gig ram at roughly 65% cpu useage. Talking to Lorex, they said a second set of 4 can be added without maxing the cpu.. ???? Guess I have to believe them there. I build and troubleshoot computers on the side, so I`m at least knowledgeable on the computer hardware side of things for some background. Computer will also be used to interface with inventory POS software Perennial Pro, which uses minimal cpu cycles and resources. He/we also been dabbling with some older hardware, a lorex SG17Q2041 and wants to hook up a DVR to the system instead of a VCR. From what I`ve gleaned from this forum, that will burn up alot of hard drive space because the two systems dont work well together, and will constantly record at roughly 6 gig per camera per day? Would a hybrid of this type be worth looking into doing as a budget system or is it more pain than its worth? The whole point of this exercise is to improve video quality, and get rid of the 2 vcr`s and monitors, have a system that doesnt require tape switching etc, and allows remote access to check on things from home.. The option to possibly add more cameras in the future, up to a total of 12 or 16 probably isnt a bad idea.. Recommendations and links if possible please?
  7. I posted this in another forum, but thought this forum might be a little more active and get seen by more eyeballs. Can a Lorex SG17Q2041 system be hooked up to a PC or a DVR for recording? If yes, how would you go about it? What would you recommend hooking it up to? If it can be hooked up to a DVR or PC for recording, why would you or why wouldnt you do it this way? Thanks for the input Eric
  8. Can a Lorex SG17Q2041 system be hooked up to a PC or a DVR for recording? If yes, how would you go about it? What would you recommend hooking it up to? If it can be hooked up to a DVR or PC for recording, why would you or why wouldnt you do it this way? Thanks for the input Eric
  9. sillared

    rain and PTZ domes...

    perhaps a coating of Rain-X?
  10. Working on a Lorex QLR0444 4 camera setup... Basic, cheap, first learning experience.. Its all up and working, and recording on motion.. It has an option to export video files to AVI, it comes up with an error that when I try and export to Divx gives me a stream write error, and when I try and export to mpeg4 says " mpg4 not supported on this system". The file format it saves in natively is *.mdf. I`ve installed Divx 6, and tried some mpeg4 codecs... but obviously not the right ones... Anybody have any suggestions/experience? Thanks!