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Microsoft Reveals Windows Vista SP1 Will Install XP.

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Interesting move by the Dutch:


"The Dutch Consumers Association has called for a boycott of Windows Vista, after the software giant refused to offer free copies of Windows XP to users who are having problems with Vista."





If you own Vista Business OEM or Vista Premium OEM you can upgrade to XP for free, all you need is an XP Pro OEM disk.

Proving at least Microsoft was perfectly aware of the multitude of issues vista would have in its first year.

Writing this "roll back to XP" into the EULA for business users was a good move. It allows them to keep their large clients sweet and forces home users to do their beta testing.


Is it good business practice to release yet another partially finished product?



I would avoid Microsoft's new car,

standard options dont include seat belts or air bags, but I hear that after a few thousand crashes, they will take a look at the problem.

That or state "it's the fault of the road"

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