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Urgent - Video lost after Hard Drive Initialized

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I captured some very critical video on a AVTech AVC760 4 channel mpeg recorder and needed to back it up on dvd but this model does not have any usb.


I took the hard drive out of the unit and connected it to my PC but nothing showed up so I went into computer managment and saw the drive had not been initialized. I proceeded with the drive initialization in hopes the drive would show up and I can just pull off the movies onto my computer.


It didn't work. I put the drive back into the recorder and now all the videos are gone!!


Is there any way I can recover them? Please this is very important and the well being of many people are at stake.


Any help please!!!!

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Yes it is probably possible, you should see people whom specifically provide data recovery services. Make sure they know this was originally used in a DVR and all information about the DVR and it's software.


All the data is most likely still there.


You might even try booting with knoppix and see if that can mount the drive. Linux can navigate many more file systems then Windows. Assuming you didn't format the drive in Windows or with the DVR once it was reinserted. If it was formatted the data is there but no way to address it. You would need a specialist in the DVR's file system to get the data back.


Most of the DVRs use relatively common software, it may not be Windows compatible but that doesn't mean it's not somewhat common.

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