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Noisy DVR , DM Sprite 2 and Avtech.

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I know this has been discussed before as a search has revealed that many DVR's can be noisy.


I've just purchased a secondhand DM Sprite 2 and I'm very disappointed at how loud the cooling fan is, not good for me as I want to have it in my bedroom with the monitor. I know this isn't unique to mine as I've just seen an identical model elsewhere which was just as loud.


What are the Avtech dvr's like for noise as I might sell the DM dvr and buy a new one of these to replace it?

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AVTECHs that I have do not appear noisey, but then at 2am in the morning that whirring noise seems very, very loud!


I would say buy a DVR that matches the specs that you need, and then go pay through the nose for a high quality after market fan.


It is the bearings I assume that affect noise more so then the shape of the blades, or the rpm.


I would say locate the DVR out of the bedroom, and run wire for the IR, and video out of the DVR to your tv in the bedroom.



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There is no way you will not be able to hear the hard disk in a DVR in your bedroom, fan or no fan.


In my case the standard cooling fan in my AVTech 782 was inadequate for cooling the enclosure. I had occasional hard disk errors until I replaced the original fan with a double-thick version and moved the original to in-between the CPU and hard disk underside.


The DVR is in a closet in the next room and it is acceptably quiet that far away. FYI, fan noise is normally mostly from the blade tips not the bearings.


Using a laptop hard disk would partly reduce the noise.

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I dont hear my hard disk.


Once the HDD is good, the only noise you should be hearing are the fans.

Otherwise, get a different HDD. I mean its a hard disk so its going to make some noise, but without putting your ear to the case, you should not be hearing it. I hate noisy hard drives, I normally chuck them out when they come like that .. it vexes me.


The WD SE-16 500's have been really quiet for me, basically cant hear them, the WD 80's on the other hand, noisy as ... Arghhh!

Buying direct from the manu typically helps, the OEM drives are chucked around alot and improperly packaged in many cases.


Solid State Disk would be even better though, but hard to find in the sizes we need, at the prices we can afford, for now.


In any event, open it up, take the fan out, and replace it with a similar sized fan - get a quieter one. This will probably void warranty though. A 3 speed fan such as from Antec and others, would let you adjust it after the fact, or buy a separate fan controller box.


You mentioned it is 2nd hand, the fan is probably just dirty.


Also, you may want to consult with DM tech support first.

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Thanks for the replies, I thought I wasn't going to get any.


I was going to have a look inside but that would mean breaking the seals which I don't really want to do incase I decide to sell it.


I might just get an Avtech one instead, it would be much easier if I can keep it in the bedroom, the DM Sprite 2 is probably too much for what I need.

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