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Night time picture

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I have a Geo 16 card 100fps also LJD Night&Day Camera with 40irs

At night you can not make out a thing i have the Auto Gain set to on Back light Comp set to off Flickerless set to on Auto Iris set to on Zoom set x3.The picture very grainey almost like snow even during the day you cannot read a number plate 30yards. Any ideas?

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A grainy picture means AGC is working. If that is happening during the day then it sounds like the lens is closed or the camera is working at a fast shutter speed.

I'd turn flickerless off unless you have a reason to have it on then look at the lens. Does the camera have a manual or a motorised lens?

If it's manual it needs opening and AES or EI needs to be turned on.

If it is motorised then make sure EI is off. If it is then adjust the lens level. When you do that turn AGC are off and adjust the lens level usually via a pot on either the camera or on the lens. Do this during the day. When the level looks right turn AGC on and check the level doesn't change, if it goes up you've set the level too low.

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