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Geovision V8 problem

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Hi Guys,

I have bought a GV800 card from China. On the card is written v3.31 that means this card support new versions of the software

When i try to install v.8.12 or v.8.11 geovision drivers i receive the following mesage: "Install Fail"

Before try to install the newest versions i install version 8.01 successfully, but after attempts to install newest versions i can not install 8.01 already

Can any help me.

Thanks in advance

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Most Geo cards from China are clones, which we dont support on this forum. But please let us know. Also, the clones dont typically work with the newer geo software, and driver support on them is sketchy, if you can get 3 out of 10 of them working even with the older Geo software and drives, you are lucky.

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