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    WHY ???? ….. no wonder you need to spam giving advice like this to your customers nothing to do with monitoring…… post is 12 years old
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    Hi We are searching IP camera for controlling door entrance in shop(incide shop mall). We need to setup entrance detection by crossing entrance line and it will be better if there will be good face detection and calculation people traffic. What model can you recommend.
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    Hi …. No …. Not unless your nvr is hybrid you can’t directly add analog to iP system not with baluns wifi camera to nvr ……. Wi-Fi cameras people get mixed up with cctv vs smart cameras…. Most smart cameras won’t allow nvr connection as there registered to a server (China)
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    Hi both you auction units are old …. Bosh is 7 years old dahua is 9 years old and both units are analog 960h only your zosi is a HD analog TVI unit and can only use TVI cameras …… if you just need a new dvr look for a 4 in 1 unit …. This will allow you to use your existing cameras
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    Hi if all you have is the dvr and not the 16 cameras to go with it …… then your best not wasting time on it that unit is 14 years old and it’s a SDI only recorder
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    Hi if in the uk I would look at the viper (TVT) 8 way 5mp dvr BB I have many of these systems out and never any problems it is the only unit on the market that is fully controllable via phones pads and pcs semding footage is as simple as an email direct with 8 cameras you will get 29 days with 1tb the app used is SuperLive plus
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    Okay, so I was playing around with the settings as my cameras would not display across the entire screen in 5MP@15/20 fps. It's a 1080p TV and just yesterday, it was displaying fine. Anyway, I started experimenting with a few settings - went into the PTZ menu that you access from the camera's main screen (not the DVR's main menu) - and I changed it from AHD or TVI to CVBS. Now both my cameras (as I changed both their default CVI setting to CVBS to check the aspect ratio) - are stuck in CVBS/ultra low resolution mode or SD. I can no longer access the PTZ menu. When I click on the main interface - nothing happens. I also noticed in the DVR's main menu PTZ settings (under "camera") that the Control Mode option is now greyed out. I can't even access that. This is driving me absolutely nuts - my CCTV camera feed looks like it's more than 20 years old! I'm not even getting colour on one of the cams now. It's just stuck in CVBS mode. How do I restore it to TVI, AHD or CVI? I've literally tried experimenting with every single option in the menu. Please HELP!! I have the Dahua dh-xvr5104hs-x1 with a Dahua camera and Pogo camera, both 5MP@20fps capable and 1080p@30 fps capable.
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