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    Fantastic I have been looking for something to make me fall asleep for years .... your vids do the trick. You are giving so much bad information on at least 3 videos (sorry I started to nod off then) take your vid on dahua 4K mini ...... the audio on the back is not from cameras ..... it’s 1 local mic and 1 local speaker audio on ip systems is based in the camera data with audio enabled cameras. Every man man and his dog are doing cctv YouTube some do it excellent some very bad... yours are more a advert for out of date products ...... 3 weeks ago you did a video of a 1.3 mp camera ....... others did vids on 1.3mp years ago. Need a coffee now to wake up a little
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    We always just used a laptop and a poe source.
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    Hi. John good to see you are doing homework. Out of your 4 links only one is value for money. .... 2 of them would be just wasting money your first link ..... cameras don’t match the nvr ....... no point them selling 3mp cameras with a 4K nvr ..... pointless. The reo ..... you can only use there cameras on there system ..... which is useless if you want to upgrade there system the Samsung is old stock and are dome cameras and only 2mp ..... no one uses dome cameras because of bad images with sun and IR reflection on dome ...... also bad remote apps your best link is the Lorex. ....... your first link and the lorex link are infact the same operating system ....... both are dahua .... both are the same specs both use the same apps yet the lorex is $1000 cheaper. Mans it has better cameras and offers full cloud which you don’t get in your first link. The reason why it’s better and cheaper is lorex is 100% owned by dahua and it will also take 8mp cameras so no need to upgrade for a few years.
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    Hi I would keep testing simple ...remove camera and plug it into another location ..... if this is just a camera swap to start with it could just be the camera faulty are you using standard analog analog or HD ...... and have you got the right region camera PAL / NTCS
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    Sorry just read your post again and seen Coax in the title. Check the termination switch/setting on the DVR if there is one! Using a voltmeter set to Ohms go to the camera and check the resistance of the coax cable as it goes back to the DVR, it should read 75 ohms plus the resistance of the cable so probably about 80 - 100 ohms depending on the cable length/quality. If you are reading in the M ohms range then the cable is un-terminated, or has possibly been damaged, next go to the DVR and remove the camera signal lead and measure the resistance of the video input this should be 75 ohms.
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    Just put here full boot log!
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