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    I might be a nerd...

    Just ordered one of these for Modern Warfare... Any of you guys play? http://www.trittontechnologies.com/index.php/products/gaming_audio_technology/ax-180/
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    Lol yes I know Avigilon well. That's who spoiled my opinions of what a VMS UI should be
  3. Long time no talk my dudes. I'm taking over a very large Genetec project soon. I'm booking classes to be certified but I wanted to check in and get some feedback. What have I gotten into? What are your experiences? Reliability? User friendlyness? Any quirks? I'm still waiting on an enterprise demo key since my morning request... So far I am not impressed with their sense of urgency! I tried calling them, left a message. Tried online chat, the lady said she would inquire about getting me a key and then disconnected the chat. Lol! Oh boy...
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    I'm too green with it to be able to pass a fair judgement. So far I agree with everything I've read about it though. The UI needs an overhaul. But to be fair, so do most software suites at an Enterprise level. Looking at you VMware, SolidWorks, Microsoft, Cisco, Iconics.. Theres so many features I can see how it would be a challenge to make easily digestible. However, there's crap scattered everywhere. Login into this browser page, open that app, go to this tab, no not that tab.. click that vague icon that doesn't remotley resemble anything it actually does. Its a learning curve. I just wish things were more unified. From what little I've scratched the surface, lots of potential. Lots of IT friendly security features and audit trails. Very powerful. Trunk slammers and home users need not apply.
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    Finally got what I needed on Friday. Just finished standing up a demo SC server with mobile service... Ya I can see what everyone was talking about with the UI.... Didn't have to call or email anyone though! Sales guy didn't think I could do it alone.
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    We have sensors. Analytics will be to fill in the gaps or in many cases create redundancy either as a backup or to verify issues and draw attention. Unfortunately I can't share many details at this time. Still trying to get a friggin license key! After many calls/ emails... Finally got regional reps name. I need to start playing in my lab asap. Very frustrating. Hello Alex. Hope all is well and you are keeping warm up there.
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    Water/ gas/ chemical/ oil, etc
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    Good info. I appreciate the detailed response! I'm assuming they are like other VMS solutions and have analytic plugin options. I'm specifically looking for leak detection. Any insight?
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    Avigilon 5.0MP-HD-DOME-DN

    I forgot to mention they come with a lens. Tamron 1/3 2.4-6mm F/1.2 Aspherical with connector Mega Pixel compatible Vari-Focal
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    Avigilon 5.0MP-HD-DOME-DN

    I've got a couple Avigilon 5.0MP-HD-DOME-DNs I used to use for demos that have been collecting dust on my shelves for a hand full of years now. Looking to make room. $200 each OBO
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    So stupid...

    A while back I put up cams in one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants... Monday I picked up carry out and signed the ticket for around $30. The girl checking me out took the liberty of filling in herself a $45 tip... I'm saving the video now for the owner. What an idiot!
  12. Update: used Acronis to backup working machine and restored to bad machine. So far working perfectly! We'll see how long this drive lasts... hopefully was a fluke. Thanks again!
  13. Ahhh... Nice to know. I thought about that but worried about Windows activation. I have plenty of drives laying around so i should be good. I'll check with Western Digital or however it is... It may even be on warranty. Thanks so million!
  14. not worth it for me. worst case I throw Ubuntu on it.
  15. I bought a couple of these boxes to mess around with. One I've been using for my home nvr running Avigilon. The other had been sitting in my closet for about a year until I found a need for it. Just recently started using it and it's been running great for a few days until tonight. It's not wanting to boot to Windows anymore and says it's missing or has corrupt system files. Unfortunately these didn't come with any kind of repair disc. I tried making one with the good machine but it said it was missing the necessary files to make a repair disk. I've tried all kinds of things off Google... ugh. Any tips for somehow making or finding a repair disc?
  16. What professionals will help you with is not just selecting the right technology for your needs and budget... but ultimately by putting you in something that will give you the return on investment you are looking for. You may save more money in the long run by having professional, unbiased, honest, and committed help.... That's what a company like mine specializes in. No, this isn't a marketing ploy... there's lots of companies like this. Many contribute on a regular basis on this very forum. Some, even more experienced than myself. However, beware... they may be hard to find. Either on the internet or even in your local Yellow Pages. Someone calling themselves a "CCTV professional" does not make them one... You can still install the equipment yourself, that's not a problem. However, realize this isn't just a matter of finding the cheapest materials and doing it yourself... This isn't a matter of going to a hardware store and building your own fence in a weekend... That's the mistake most people make with CCTV.... I have found the vast majority of DIYers fall into one of these categories: A: are not honest with themselves and are probably never truly happy with their system. B: Are not as well skilled/ educated on the topic as they may think they are to even realize that their system is crap and a waste of money. C: People who truly NEED a solution. They don't have the time/ money to play around, and recognize the value of getting professional help. These people are generally happiest with the end result... However.... you also have your type D: of do-it-yourselfers (DIYers)... They love to play with technology, don't mind making mistakes. They have the time/ funds to make mistakes... There's a few of these DIYers floating around the forum right now that you need to pair up with, if you are a type D DIYer.... If you are in the market for CCTV, what type are you? If you are a professional in the field, what do you think of the topic and my opinions? This could turn out to be a great topic of discussion... if it does, anyone else think it should be a sticky thread? (edited to make a,b,c,d types bold)
  17. bpzle

    Axis and iPhone

    I am looking for an equivalent to IP Cam Viewer for Android. I specifically need to view Axis cameras and control their i/o functions. IP Cam Viewer does everything I need... but so far everything I download for iPhone sucks.
  18. bpzle

    Axis and iPhone

    Robert never responded... I thought he made one for Apple but couldn't find it. I found the Live Cam Pro and it did everything I needed it to. Thanks
  19. I am told that AT&T wireless has gone out of their way to block all outbound ports from their consumer-type air cards. They are trying to promote use of a different, business type service. Is this true? Without using a VPN, is there a work around? I am using a Cradle Point router and AT&T 4G air card. I can't seem to get any ports to talk... Thanks
  20. bpzle

    AT&T 4G and port forwarding

    "What type of wireless cards work? The majority of users looking to do remote camera configurations prefer to use either Verizon 3G or Sprint 3G/4G modems. This is because they come with a public IP that allows you to talk to the device outside the local network, while providers like AT&T (unless i2Gold with 10+ lines), Virgin and other prepaid services use private IP addresses block ports preventing remote access (Verizon 4G LTE Doesn't work for IP Cameras or Webcams). If this is already starting to confuse you don't worry, think of a "public IP" like an address inside the U.S. that you can drive to in your car. Now, a "Private IP" would be like an address on an island surrounded by water, obviously you can't drive your car there. After you've checked cellular coverage and determined which provider to use you must figure out if you want a static IP or use a dynamic DNS provider. " Reference: http://www.evdoinfo.com/content/view/3813/63/
  21. I have opened ports 80, 554, and 443 with success. Unfortunately I can only get the MJPEG refresh to work remotely. Are there additional ports that need to be opened up for the encoder? Thanks
  22. to clarify the http page works fine remotely just not stream 1 or 2
  23. I am familiar with that.... my external ports are different. thanks
  24. bpzle

    VideoTec EXHD001

    Anyone ever use this housing? I'm specifically looking for experiences with the mylar film that scrolls accross the window. How well does it work? Does it get bound up easily? I have an application with a pretty extreme enviornment with high pressure oil, water, and grease that occasionally will be spraying around the location. I'm concerned the film may get way to filthy and the film get locked up... Housings with wipers would probably just smear the oil around... I've also looked at housings with air curtains but doubt it would be enough to stop or clear the high pressure grease and oil. Wipers with washing fluid are unfortunately not an option in this application.