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sannce N48PT nvr poe camera reset p address

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hi a friend has got the sannce N48PT with 8 sannce poe cameras

4 are working ok but 4 say net error or blank

someone has been into the nvr menu and changed some of the cameras ip address

the ones that are working have status green dot , ip/domain cameras mac address in this part

port 8000, protocol type1


the 4 that dont work have , port 80, or 8000, type onvif


how do i get the cameras working again or reset them to how they were

i tryed to connect my laptop to the nvr by changing the laptops ip to match lan 2 on the nvr

but couldnt get any config tool to work





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This is a rebdge Zeno/Videopark NVR. What is your NVR IP address? I see you have use Open UPNP to auto detect the camera. With UPNP the IPC need not be in the same gateway. From your list, it looks like you only have 4 IPC which is already added into the NVR. Type 1 & Onvif is the same camera.

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the lan 1 is 192.168.1.?

and the lan 2 is 192.168.2.?

what do you mean by Lan 1 & 2? Your POE NVR have 2

lan ports, excluding the 8 POE ports? Anyway, you should select either 192.168.1.xx or 192.168.2.xx as your ip which should correspond with your actual gateway.

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Hi. Are all cameras the same manufacture ??


But first thing you need to do is reset all cameras that are not working


Looking at your picture two cameras will have a conflict as they have the same IP address. So that needs changing before you can connect.


Each none working camera needs to be plugged into your router then go into that camera settings and reset.



You are best removing 1 camera at a time from the NVR to plug into your router as NVR is showing the camera IP.


IE .... Remove cam 7 and to loging once connected to router via PC the IP address would be

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thanks for the info

yes all same manufacture sannce

the router is about 10 foot away from the nvr

i have a long ethernet cable but no adaptor to connect the camera's ethernet cable to the long ethernet cable i have

i will try to get one tomorrow


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do i need to 12v power the cameras that i need to log onto?

as they are all fitted and out of reach to power them for quick fix


went there today and unpluged all cameras and group deleted the info in the config menu in the nvr

then i pluged in 1 working camera at a time

this is the first 2 cameras info only one pluged in at a time then deleted the info after i unpluged it


then the 4 working cameras all in at once then this is the screen info with just 4 working cameras in


ive not had much to do with poe cameras and nvr's just tvi with coax


dont know whats going on


is there any way i can reset the cameras without powering them and takeing them down?





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