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  1. What can I do to let me get access to my dvr from anywhere with a android phone/tablet and completely refuse all other outside ip addresses? I have a Dynamic DNS now so I can always keep the same ip at home. I have reason to believe there is bots pounding my dvr trying to get in, which it finally refuses them but right when I want to get in I have to wait for it to timeout. This is frustrating when I want to see what is going on at that moment. I heard there is no use in blocking a range of addresses. Seems like there was a way to let me in only but what if I am at a new location like a hotel, or I would need a windows based laptop?
  2. Hallelujah, you da man!!!!! Thank you so much.
  3. Well I tried every possible thing I could in the matrix screen. Still not showing the cameras when logged out.
  4. Before the upgrade I could go to the tv's hdmi input that the dvr is on and all of the cameras was displaying. Not all I get is black screens for all cameras, unless I log in. All my admin options are checked.
  5. 111 views and not a single idea how to fix this?
  6. I updated my HCVR7416L firmware last night and now I am not seeing any video thru the hdmi to the tv, unless I log in. Each camera shows a red padlock too. Is this part of the security? If it is now I cannot view whats outside when I am sitting on the couch.
  7. 34Ford

    extra gear

    So what do you think you need for a roll of the siamese cable? Im in NC.
  8. You have the remote access for $20 a year? I found this list, but dated. http://dnslookup.me/dynamic-dns/
  9. Usually once or twice a year Charter changes my ip and I have to change my addresses at work and laptops/tablet so I can view my cameras. I suppose sometimes its due to power outage. Is there anything I can do to keep a fixed ip for at least the dvr? Thanks.
  10. 34Ford

    cctv gear

    Wonder what shipping would be for the coax to 28778 NC?
  11. Yea I have had good luck with cat 5 cable off Ebay. In fact I bought 75' yesterday and I ended up buying it from Newegg on Ebay. .
  12. I said the length was 100 feet. Anyway I sold the junk.
  13. I know now it was a mistake, but last year I bought 500ft of that stuff and I did one run if it at about 100ft. Well everything seemed ok then the camera started dropping out. I switched out 2 other cameras and determined it wasn't them. Video is fine. So, its gotta be the camera is not getting enough voltage? I guess I really need to check voltage and see if it is in fact low. This coax is advertised at 18ga wire. I have 9 other cameras around my place with different coax and never had any problems with them, so its gotta be this cheap crap.
  14. I have one of those little quarter sized bullets looking thru a window in my garage that has worked great for years.
  15. 34Ford

    16 channel Dahua full D1

    Yea, like he said, which model is it. Would you sell without hard drive?