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    Geovision 8.4 time stamp missing

    Is there a setting to display time stamp on a recorded video during playback? My client have 3 dvr's all running ver 8.4. Only one dvr displays time during playback.
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  3. TTL doesn't have dry contact. with a TTL, you still need to use a relay if you want to switch high current load. TTL is a voltage output with usually very small amount of current while relay is just like a switch
  4. With a ttl output you still need to use a low current relay to utilize the output. With a dry contact you can connect devices directly to it as long as the load current is not more than the contact current. With a ttl output you need to use a relay like this http://www.altronix.com/index.php?pid=2&model_num=RBSNTTL
  5. thanks Matt, I've used that baluns from GEM and it fits nicely inside a VCM casing
  6. This is for an existing installation. 48 camera system. I want to replace a camera with a CNB VCM model. The existing camera system uses baluns but I believe those would not fit in a VCM casing. I am thinking of replacing the balun from a different manufacturer. I dont want to replace the baluns from the headend. Will this work? or does baluns work in pairs only?
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    price drop..$130 plus shipping
  8. edselrt

    HIkvision DS-4008HCI for sale

    price drop...$150 plus shipping
  9. edselrt

    HIkvision DS-4008HCI for sale

    For sale is a used DS-4008HCI compression card. comes with Netvision software 6.63. check here for specs http://www.hikvisionusa.com/pdfs/DS-4004_4008_4016HCI.pdf $180 plus actual shipping
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    For sale is a brand new VCM-24VF from CNB $160 plus actual shipping. Paypal only
  11. 1. One common software 2. Eptz works with vivotek software. This is like a digital zoom Vivotek is perfect for your needs. Which camera model are you considering?
  12. I think he wants stand alone dvr not pc based
  13. Anyone here have any experience with this product? http://azcotechnologies.com/AZIP01.html