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  1. littlegirl69

    IP Sizzles Roadshow 2010

    Our West Coast event was a blast. Next stop? Tampa and Atlanta. come and join us!
  2. Come and see us at IP Sizzles Roadshow 2010- a show for resellers, vendors and integrators. You will see the latest Mobotix innovations, ISS Video Analytics and a flexible NVR platform, Nuuo low-end to mid market NVR including Hybrid solution, e-DATA IP based Access Control with state of the art Biometrics, Veracity's newest storage solution plus IP Infrastructure and POE extenders and a wide range of IP Voice and Video plus IP Telephony solutions that all integrate with the IP Surveillance platforms ABP sells. Register today at http://www.ipsizzles.com
  3. littlegirl69

    Mobotix cameras with images

    For anyone who's interested in learning more about Mobotix cameras, ABP International will have an online presentation on Oct 15. And training class on Oct 21-23.
  4. littlegirl69


    thanks @RickA
  5. littlegirl69

    Any must see shows in Texas?

    see us at IP Sizzles 2009. Aug 11 in Dallas, Texas and Aug 13 in Miami, Florida. It is an annual event we put together for integrators and resellers from all over the country. You'll see the "best of breed" IP products including IP phones, IP video conferencing and IP surveillance from top brands i.e Digium, Mobotix, Astra, ISS, etc. google IP sizzles to see more
  6. littlegirl69


    i've been a lurker of this forum for several months now. learned a lot and still learning more. I am into the IP business.. IP phones, IP surveillance and now IP Video conferencing. great site!
  7. littlegirl69

    Mobotix cameras with images

    wow! nice to see people loving Mobotix cameras. @thewiewguys: i think I invited you to the Mobotix webinar last month. -Jin