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    Are DVR cards over?

    dvr cards are very good and is the way to go. but and a BIG BUTT. if you or the person building your system knows what to build and build it right then you will have a system that will last for years. get someone who thinks they can build you a system then its going to cost you AND COST YOU TIME AND TIME AGAIN. I dont build i use sa and eb avermedia systems. the nv avermedia is a card build system and built right is a fantastic system. contact guys on here like soundy or trocandio read some of there posts and you will build one right firstime thet seem to know what there are talking about when it comes to building
  2. i have a video client that works with xp i can send you the file.
  3. tomcctv

    Inexpensive CCTV system

    take a look at the avermedia eb sata 4 way camera system. 25fps d1 recording. mobile viewer full internet. its the best for the money you want to spend[/img]
  4. i have used sling box a few times to do what you need. it gives good streaming and mobile view as well. you can have as many users at any time. just connect to your vga or composit monitor out. i did try to post a link but site says i cant. (sorry) so google slingcatcher
  5. on all 12 cameras....... try changing your monitor before taking your dvr apart. not had much to do with this type of dvr can you switch between pal and ntsc on the dvr
  6. all sa avemedias have moxa drives installed on the system. i have not had any problems with pos using moxa
  7. hi. aliciac you can buy from morton alarm supplys. best of buying a new one instead from ebay lots of people sell faulty ones. you can buy new for £30 i also ask if you was in the uk to see how far you are away from me. i am based in chester. i have 2 engineers in london 1 engineer in newcastle and 2 engineers in leeds. i could get one of my engineers to drop 1 of for you.[/img]
  8. tomcctv

    Avermedia Eb1304 net

    hi if you dont have a static ip then go to avermedias and redgister your system. ddns. avers. com. tw then you wont loose your ip
  9. splitter for a £1. i think that might be your problem you will need to boost the signal a little bit so a bnc splitter with a power booster on it will do the job. are you in the uk ???
  10. hi. sounds like 1 of your cameras has lost its nutral power lines and is picking it up though the bnc. disconect all cameras then refitt 1 at a time to find your problem camera. or if your system is on baluns you might have a faulty 1
  11. hi. take a look at the mobotics website. this is the best camera for working from a mast.
  12. tomcctv

    averdigi cm3000

    hi. i have cm300 set-up with the avermedia touch screens to look after 5 customers. the cm300 is a free software so dont pay for it. i also use the brand new software imatrix from avermedia. this lets you watch your system live and playback all on the same screen.
  13. voice detection. just been sent some info. yes it is a stand alone unit and only picks up voice. but only voice commands that you pre-load into the unit. so back to the same problem. you can load names and commands and it will work but what commands would you use ?? but i have been thinking on how to get around your problem. you can buy a gsm dialer that sends sound to your mobile and you can also talk back via your mobile. this i think is better as you can hear names and everything they say. this system linked with the beams listed below will meet your needs for around $300 Invisible infrared beams are simultaneously broken. No alarm is caused when only one beam is blocked by a small object. When used to protect a wall or fence, a long interuption time will catch intruders, but let jumping cats pass by. There are two models available. One that has a range of up to 21 metres and one that has a range up to 40 metres Use in conjunction with a SM10 X10 Powerflash module to send X10 signals. If the Powerflash module is used you can have it signal any X10 module, one example is an SC546 X10 Chime Module which will "chime" to alert you. Requires 12V power adaptor (not included). Beam interuption time can be adjusted to suit individual situations Easily aligned and installed Compensates for changing weather conditions Frost, dust and insect protection Surface mounting Suitable for indoor/outdoor use Tamper switch
  14. still i think what you are asking for will just be a big waste of money for your customer. theves dont talk or make alot of noise. might be cheaper installing a gsm dialer with microphone and speaker so as he gets the call before adt to his mobile
  15. tomcctv

    Backup QPlayer issues

    hi. when you have backed up to disk will it run on another pc i.e do you get the screen up or do you get nothing at all.. you only need player not qplayer.
  16. tomcctv

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    to set up to view your avermedia on any phone or pda you dont need to load any software. if you are using a smartphone i.e nokia you cant use 80 as port forwarding as smart phones cant see this port. the only phone on the market that you cant use for the avermedia is the iphone you can get still photos but not video. if people are still having problems getting your avermedia on there phone i.e smart phone black burry. nokia .moto. pda. then please let me know and i will post instructions on here
  17. tomcctv

    Fuzzy Lines & Strange Power

    hi. are you using crimp on bnc or are you using the screw on type. also please remember on your cable you need to cut 10mm of the sheld back.
  18. hi. the avermedia only picks up sound (all sound) i have never heard of a mic that can detect only voice. but please remember some one talking and someone kicking your door in. which would you want. best off with standard mic
  19. tomcctv

    Avermedia Eb1304 net

    hi you need to set your ports on the dvr to 5550 or you cant view on mobile smartphone