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    I can't decide which camera to get

    The two listed are smart cameras not cctv .... made for indoor or close view. Putting them into an area like yours is going to use up the SD card in a day with all the motion detect ezviz storage is a waste of time and needs your camera to send data to ezviz server and you can only have a few hours of recording a day .... then you have to pay why I ask about ptz is the camera can be closer to the power and data and let the lens do the distance ..... plus you can move it (ptz) to any location what at is the camera going to do .... pick out people or protect something ?
  2. Hi. In most cases yes you can and the software comes with the camera. Which make of camera are you using
  3. tomcctv

    I can't decide which camera to get

    Hi. Then the two listed cameras are not going to be good for you. Have you thought about a ptz camera
  4. tomcctv

    I can't decide which camera to get

    Is there power by the location ? very hard to access ? In what way ..... is it going high do you have network close to camera location both your links are the same camera both are ezviz
  5. Hi. That’s looks like spider webs
  6. tomcctv

    HDCVI cameras with cat5e wiring?

    Hi. Yes you can .... use HD baluns don’t use cheap
  7. tomcctv

    Suggestions requirement

    Hi. I would look at the Blackvue 4K 60fps DR900s ....... you need high FPS for speed
  8. tomcctv

    Suggestions requirement

    Hi. Is the camera to be on the vehicle or on roadside
  9. More like a power problem 1.1 amp at 700ft also what HD format are your cameras ..... this can also restrict you on cable length
  10. Hi. 700ft 1.1amp .....that is also a problem did you try connecting a camera local
  11. Keep testing simple ....... connect a camera that your having a problem with to a test lead next to dvr (short coax) this will eliminate wrong region and format problems. How have you terminated coax at dvr and camera end what size power supply are you using
  12. Hi. You could have a few problems ..... 1 is you should never solder coax do you know what camera format you have .... standard analog or HD analog ( cvi tvi ahd) cameras need to match dvr format also another problem could be you have the wrong region cameras .... ntsc or pal if your recorder is ntsc and you buy pal format you will get a similar problem to what you have. Have you tried connecting camera on a test cable next to dvr ?
  13. Hi. There are two types of 4K in cctv licence and unlicensed...... unlicensed is not true 4K and is common.......Swann is low budget and sold everywhere in the uk .... pc world are one seller and if you go and look at there 4K you will see how poor it is .....FPS are down to 5 FPS (frames per second)and it does struggle also it’s not backward compatable. Dahua and hikvision may also be a mistake in the uk and end up you might be wasting money ...new report comes out July £1000 is a good budget so with that budget I would stay away from eBay and Amazon qvis is a uk company with uk based p2p and uk cloud which is important China based p2p and cloud is not good
  14. Hi sounds like your internal battery is on it’s way out you will see it as soon as you open the case if I remember right it’s a 2032 button cell 3v can be bought from most stores the battery is only used for time keeping
  15. tomcctv

    How to enhance cctv footage

    They don’t work ..... if image is bad from the start it is always bad
  16. tomcctv

    hello from scotland

    Hi. Don’t waste your money trying to do enhancements ..... it only works if your footage is good enough also in the uk if it’s needed for a court action it can’t be messed about with. Cctv is also information collecting. ...... the image might be bad but it could give you more information than you think. What is the footage about ?
  17. Hi. Like Larry says. Is it going to be cost effective? Nvrs from any manufacturer are cheap now the other problem is not knowing we’re your data is going with the no name brands. Some ISPs are now starting to block China connections. Buy a brand name and then have tech support
  18. tomcctv

    New business need your help

    Going for government contracts before website is built or any regulations are in place like licences. Is not going to help I see you have install prices all over the internet...... 32 way nvr/dvr $12.000 yet you don’t say what equipment your using government is even harder as they now specify equipment
  19. Hi. How are you running cameras ... h264 or h265. Mans is the pc on the same network
  20. tomcctv

    Super live plus

    Do you have access to your recorder ? you either have to make a new administrator password via recorder or by the app .... then delete the old one. Open app click top left. Then click remote settings ... click account and create new one ..... then delete old
  21. From a 4k system to a cheap China controlled box cam
  22. tomcctv

    TVI 16 channel split to 4 tvs

    Hi. Using a 4 way dvr at each monitor
  23. tomcctv

    TVI 16 channel split to 4 tvs

    Hi. It depends on your budget. Yes there are splitters and you will also need converters so if your budget is around 500 to each tv then yes. Or or you can do cheaper easier and better by just using a 4way tvi at each tv for only 60 or 70 your problem is no tv will take a tvi signal .....you have to convert it
  24. tomcctv

    Newbie with lots of questions

    Hi. There are a few HD analog formats..... cvi tvi ahd So without knowing your hd1080 format its hard to recommend a new recorder the safest way so as not to waste time and money ..... I would look at buying a 5 in 1 hybrid dvr. They do all formats and are priced good
  25. tomcctv


    Hi. Can you give more info ...type of recorder .... is this a new install