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    Who owns the video?

    Hi .. have you a local up address also for the camera and can you logon direct from pc
  2. Don’t think I made a mistake and as for the new revised spec ...... which again is full of crap .... dahua have now invented a FIXED motorised lens over sales on a spec again ...... I’ll get crap from the other two for pointing it out ..... but am only reading the spec posted The camera only has a fixed 2.8 lens ..... it does not have any motorised lens.. and that’s with me playing with one not just reading a spec SB_jim it’s all about when a cctv system becomes a gimmick or something to protect these new cams with flashing lights and siren on motion detection only gives more alert to where camera is located....... which is the last thing you want also you might not want a camera we’re morion is detected a few mass produce companies are trying the all in one cam ..... and some only work on that manufactures recorders optex (redwall) or gjd are both market leaders in detection mans gives a better 20m range
  3. tomcctv

    Who owns the video?

    Hi. That is the way it is with 3rd party cloud system. You would have to take the lawsuit to China and you would be wasting a lot of money. Best option would be to reinstall sometime better and something with a recorder or sd card and stay away from out of country cloud services
  4. You will just be wasting your money cloud only based systems with a monthly fee is wasting money money better spent on a real cctv system. Opening your network up to a company you know nothing about and cameras listed are for indoors only have you looked at cost per year to run
  5. Hi. The problem with the dahua is it’s cheap made and it’s not a ptz like it says in dahua spec. another pointless camera built in pir with siren but can only be used internal not outdoors and cable management is useless mots always best to use separate sensors like redwall or gjd sensors
  6. Hi. Have you imputed the settings into dvr email page ? once all that is done you need to login to your gmail email account .... then security .... then switch off high security you are also best having a cctv gmail account and a different send account
  7. Hi. Sounds like you set recorders resolution out of range for your tv or monitor..... you will need to connect your recorder up to a HD tv or monitor and then change to a lower resolution then connect back to your monitor ask a friend who has a had tv there are no reset settings on a dahua so this is your only option
  8. tomcctv

    Dvr will only show 2 channels

    Hi. It’s could just be something as simple as channels switched off. Last owner might of only used two cameras and switched off the other channels you need to look in menu for camera display or channel display and set each cam or your username and password only allows you to view two cameras ..... go into accounts and see restrictions on your username ..... check all live view is ticked
  9. tomcctv

    NV Cell Phone flashes? Am I in danger?

    Hi. It’s called IRS .. a biometric ir scan yes it’s used also on cell phones day or nigh on face detection
  10. tomcctv

    Networking Problem

    Hi. Can you give more information ...... Are the objects buildings ? what is the cable lengths to each location what res are your cameras I notice you don't have any camera locations at NVR / router location
  11. tomcctv

    HiWatch HWI-D640H-Z : How to PTZ ?

    Instead of advertising ..... read the post first its all ready been sorted ...... camera is not a ptz ...... it’s a standard dome
  12. tomcctv

    Calif here

    Your right ..... but you have directed members to it in two other posts
  13. tomcctv

    Mobotix M12 and D14 Cameras

    You would be better having mobtix rest them your asking $800 buy now for paperweights
  14. Hi. What make and model are your options cameras some fisheye manufactures also do a nvr to support there cameras ..... that way you would be able to do what you need
  15. tomcctv

    New CCTV setup

    Hi. Check PM
  16. tomcctv

    Sance DVR System

    It means you ONLY have a 4 channel unit SOFTWARE WILL NOT allow you to expand your system it does not have the hardware I wonder why your unit says that .......... It could be its only a 4 channel unit
  17. tomcctv

    Hikvision anpr camera blurry at night

    Hi.. your image is good but it looks like you did not setup your region this can only be done on first setup if your in uk or Ireland you should of set to uki 2 as plates are reflective and you need smart IR and not full as it shows in your image are you connected direct to nvr or a router or switch
  18. tomcctv

    New CCTV setup

    Hi the viper unit will do what you need. I can get you a price tomorrow mots a 5mp system with 2 turret 5mp cameras. Do you have a monitor to use ? also another big part of your budget is going to be the cat5 cable ..... there is no point you buying 300m reel so I will sort that out for you
  19. tomcctv

    Sance DVR System

    Ok ..... then let’s test your reason. ...... keep your 4 cameras wired and add another via the wireless......... see if it gives you 5 4 channel has graphics for 4 8 channel has graphics for 8 graphics is via hardware as card or chip it would be easy for everyone to upgrade from 4 to 8 to 16. With your way of thinking
  20. tomcctv

    DVR firmware update help !!!

    Why do you need it ? you can’t make a old system new with software. What problem does your system have
  21. tomcctv

    New CCTV setup

    Mistake if you buy uk hikvision or dahua who have just closed there uk office
  22. tomcctv

    DVR firmware update help !!!

    Hi. Why do you need firmware ? its not a good idea to load onto a 5 year old xmeye unit
  23. tomcctv

    Sance DVR System

    Why would it be a sales forum ? you can tinker with as much software as you like It’s not just a matter of software ..... software can’t add hardware. So if you buy a 4 channel that’s all you have because that’s hardware for 4